AGI-ESW 2013 Survey

October 13-19, 2013
2013 AGI-ESW Survey


This 9 question web survey is about your perceptions of the 2013 Earth Science Week (ESW). These questions are designed to help the American Geosciences Institute, which administers ESW, understand how the professional community participates in ESW and how that participation can be strengthened.

Your responses will go to PS International, an evaluation organization that is conducting this survey on behalf of AGI. A few minutes of your time now will go a long way to help ESW grow effectively and successfully. Please respond by Friday, November 8th, 2013.

Any materials you wish to share may be sent to AGI-ESW, 4220 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22302; fax (703) 379-7563; or email Thanks for your time in these busy days.

Doug Coulson, Ph.D.

PS International, Annapolis, MD

1. Comparing your participation last year and plans for next year, how is your participation in ESW changing?

Increasing participation
Decreasing participation
No change in participation


2. Does ESW offer opportunities for teaching and promoting awareness of Earth science that you would not have otherwise?



3. How important are ESW resources and activities to educating your students or audience about Earth science?

Very important
Somewhat important
Somewhat unimportant
Not important at all


4. Overall, how would you rate the usefulness of Earth Science Week in 2013?

Did not participate


5. If you received an ESW Toolkit, please rate the usefulness of the material in the kit (1=very useful; 2=useful; 3=not useful; 4=no opinion)

12-month school-year activity calendar
New Earth Science Week poster
National Park Service items on geologic maps of national parks
NASA education materials on map technologies and resources
A poster on careers in mapping and GIS from Esri
A DVD of the Switch Energy Project documentary on energy
A genuine field notebook from Rite in the Rain
A poster on how GPS works from NOAA
Educational material from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
A dinosaurs flyer from Bureau of Land Management
I did not receive an ESW Toolkit


6. If you visited the ESW Web site or received the ESW Update newsletter, please rate the usefulness of the online items (1=very useful; 2=useful; 3=not useful; 4=no opinion)

Classroom Activities
Order an ESW Toolkit
Big Ideas Videos/Activities
Resources in Spanish
ESW Houston
Geologic Map Day
I did not view ESW items online


7.  What was your major ESW 2013 activity? (Please include brief detail of activity, where it was held, and approximate number of people participating.)


8.  Where did you find or obtain media coverage of ESW 2013? (Please include names/urls of the specific TV/radio stations, newspapers, Web sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

9.  How can AGI improve upon or increase the impact of ESW? (Please include suggestions for additional ESW materials, activities, etc.)



Finally, Thanks again for your time - Doug Coulson at PS International.